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Glass Table Tops Tampa, FL

Homeowners and business owners always have a desire to showcase their furniture but also want to keep it safe. At Patriotic Glass, our glass tabletops can draw attention and enhance your space’s aesthetics. You will not have to worry about scratches, spills, stains, and other kinds of damages to your piece of furniture. We will custom design glass tabletops to your specifications, meeting the highest standards in safety and durability. When you choose us, you will have unlimited options. Founded in 1956, we offer complete glass solutions for homes and businesses in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

glass table top desk

Custom Designed Glass Tabletops

Our elegant glass tabletops are custom designed to your size and style requirements. This means you will have the perfect table for your needs. We use the right thickness and tempered glass that provides the required sturdiness and strength.

The popularity of glass tables for both interior and exterior applications has increased significantly in residential and commercial settings. We work with glass tables in all sizes, shapes, and with all types of glass. The addition of glass tabletops to any space can enhance the visual appeal and create a sense of larger space.

Benefits of Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are much more than just any other furniture accessory. And there is more to them than adding a sophisticated look to your home or office space.

  • Ease of Maintenance: Glass is easy to clean and care for. A glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth are all that are required to remove any stains and dust.
  • Protection: A glass tabletop can also protect your furniture against damage from sunlight. This can help prevent premature aging of the wood. The surface can also act as a barrier against food and other forms of sources of stains.
  • Preserving Antique Furniture: If you have old or antique furniture, glass tabletops can play an important role in preserving them. We can also design and install replacement glass caps to enhance the lifespan of your furniture.

At Patriotic Glass, we specialize in designing, crafting, and installing custom-designed glass tabletops to specifications. Tempered glass can be cut to precision, drilled, edged, and customized anyway to create the perfect piece of flat glass. We can design and craft tabletops from the ground up or replace an existing piece of glass to your requirements.

Making a Difference

We offer custom glass tabletops in all thicknesses and shapes. With over 75 years of industry presence, we offer the most versatile range of products and services in the industry. Here is what we offer to make a difference for our clients:

  • Round, rectangular, square, oval, and custom-shaped tabletops in all thicknesses available in the industry.
  • Pencil polish, flat polish, waterfall, ogee, and double ogee edges.
  • Clear, textured, low-iron, sandblasted, gray, bronze, and acid-etched glass.
  • Our craftsmen will create templates of your custom table designs beforehand cutting tabletops. We can also re-temper the glass for additional safety.
  • We can create both glass tabletops and bases.

You can choose decorative glass, beveled edges, pattern cuts, or any kind of customization. We are in Tampa and serve homes and offices throughout the surrounding cities and suburbs. We are a licensed, insured, and reputed glass company with experienced and well-trained craftsmen and technicians. If you need more information about our services, call us today at 813-238-5710.