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Curtain Walls

Glass curtain wall installation on the exterior of Tampa commercial buildings is an increasingly common practice. More recently, we have seen a growing trend of the use of curtain window walls in some residential and industrial settings. These features are quite adaptable and can be custom designed for all types of buildings. At Patriotic Glass, we provide custom design and installation services for curtain walls and all types of glassworks for both commercial and residential properties. Founded in 1956, we are a fully licensed and insured glass company in Tampa, Florida.

Quality Glass Curtain Walls

Glass Curtain Walls, Tampa, FL When it comes to curtain wall installations, there is no room for low-quality work. There is a reason we have been able to thrive and succeed in the industry for so many decades. We never compromise on the quality of our workmanship. We often receive repair calls involving leaks and other issues. These repairs are both expensive and avoidable if you choose the perfect glass installation company. When installing your new glass curtain wall, we take all the factors into account. This includes:

  • Deflection
  • Wind loads
  • Structural load
  • Drainage for rainwater

The glass selected for the job must meet the industry standards.

Our Glass Curtain Wall Installation Approach

A curtain wall project begins with the installation of a durable and sturdy framework. Our projects involve the use of only top-quality frames from reputable brands. We will use the right framework depending on the required structural performance level. The result is advanced stability that reduces the need for steel reinforcement.

When it comes to curtain walls, they are available in a wide range of frame depths and face dimensions. It is recommended to choose frames that offer good insulation by increasing air space and aluminum separation. The choice of the frame color can help create a custom look. We can also create curved exteriors by using the right framework and techniques.

We can design the framing in different styles to address the following need and factors:

  • Thermal performance
  • Condensation resistance
  • Glass thickness
  • Depth

We know each system and can match it to the right type of project. We will not just bid on drawings, if we are not convinced, we can also get the manufacturer’s engineers involved to be certain that your project is free from design flaws. When design issues are caught early on, it can help save a lot of money.

We will not just install glass; we work with architects and engineers and understand the structural dynamics behind each project. Glass curtain walls are available in a world of designs, and we can help you make the right choice based on your preferences and building applications.

Glass curtain wall systems can protect your building’s exterior from the elements. It allows natural light to enter your building, thus increasing energy efficiency. The use of glazed curtain walls can enhance your office building’s beauty from both inside and outside.

Trusted Glass Specialists

Patriotic Glass has been installing glass features in both homes and offices for decades. There is no glass project that is too big or too small for us. We serve clients throughout Tampa, Florida. We are fully licensed and insured, and our technicians undergo regular training to keep up to date with the latest systems and technologies. If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us today at 813-238-5710.