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5101 N Howard Ave Unit 20 Tampa, Florida 33603
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Glass Services

Glass Services, Tampa, FL We, at Patriotic Glass, provide all types of glass design and installation solutions for homes and businesses in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 1956, we are one of the earliest custom glass companies in the region. Our team is driven by a unique passion for glass, and you can always notice this in how we work and the projects we complete. We design, fabricate, and install shower enclosures, tabletops, mirrors, storefronts, and curtain walls. Explore the range of services we offer and how we make a difference.


We design, fabricate, and install custom shower enclosures for your bathroom. Whether you want to update your existing bathroom or build a new one, we can help you choose a style of your choice. All our work is backed by a warranty. We have the expertise, experience, and resources required to transform your ideas into reality. Whether you prefer framed or frameless shower doors, we can install them in any style.

Glass showers are widely popular for the convenience they offer. Due to the fewer metal components, you will not have to worry about rusting. The clean-cut lines also help create a beautiful visual effect. These shower enclosures are also great for enhancing any colored theme you may have in your bathroom. We work with glasses of different thicknesses, bringing greater durability and safety into your shower space. If you have any custom shower door enclosure ideas in your mind, let us know. Read More About Showers »

Table Tops

We design and fabricate glass tabletops for both homes and offices. Glass tabletops offer many aesthetic and practical benefits. When professionally installed, they offer excellent resistance to stains, scratches, and various types of damages. We can choose the right thickness and create designs based on your preferences and needs. There is no limit on the style, size, and shape of your tabletops.

We design and install glass tabletops for both interior and exterior applications. Besides their aesthetic elegance, these tabletops can also create a sense of spaciousness in any room. There are many reasons why the glass has become an increasingly popular material for tabletops. It is easy to clean and maintain, protects your furniture from sunlight, and helps preserve any antique furniture. We can customize tempered glass tabletops, cutting them to precision, edging, and drilling them for any effect and looks. Whether you need to replace the tabletop in your existing furniture or create a new one from the ground up, we can handle all types of projects. Read More About Table Tops »


When designed professionally, mirrors help enhance any interior space. We design and install mirrors in all styles and shapes in both homes and offices. Our custom fabricated and installed mirrors can create a more beautiful space and add the touch of comfort and a sense of more space. Mirrors can not only add more light to a room, but they can also add a completely new dimension to it. We can design and install mirrors for walls, closets, bedrooms, fireplace, living rooms, vanity, and any commercial space.

Whether you prefer framed or frameless mirrors, we can install any type, style, and size of the mirror. You may opt for full-length or cut size mirrors or mirrors with clear, gold, clear antique, bronze, beveled, bronze antique, or any effect. When it comes to installation, we use all the popular and proven techniques. This includes mirror mastic, decorative clips, J-bars, and L-bars. Read More About Mirrors »

Store Fronts

We specialize in designing and installing glass storefronts in all styles. Each project is carefully planned and completed to ensure that it is beautiful, addresses all the required functions, and lasts long. We install storefronts for different goals and purposes. It can be created to showcase products, allow more lighting into the interiors, enhance the façade’s beauty, or for any other purpose. Our specialized commercial team is always designing and installing hurricane-impact glass storefronts.

All our storefront projects are completed to resist blasts and hurricanes. Some of the additional benefits include enhanced thermal efficiency and sustainability. We have experience working in all types of glass including high impact, tempered, clear, safe, laminated, frosted, and privacy glass. We also have the experience and equipment required to handle heavy glass materials that are typically involved in the installation of storefronts. Achieving perfection and creating safe and flawless glass storefronts has become an easy task for us due to our vast experience. Read More About Store Fronts »

Curtain Walls

The trend of glass curtain walls has become so popular that you can often see even homeowners embracing them. This is a versatile feature and can be installed on any type of building. We provide custom designing and installation services for all types of properties. When you choose us, you can expect the highest quality results. There is no room for any lack of quality in our workmanship. We will consider all the factors including deflection, structural load, wind loads, and rainwater drainage into account before designing your curtain walls.

From initial design and framework layout to completion, we handle all aspects of your project. The right type of framework will be chosen based on the scale, design of your project, and all the key factors. Frame depth, face dimensions, and insulation will be considered when choosing the framework. We will also consider the frame color. Read More About Curtain Walls »

If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us. Patriotic Glass is a fully licensed and insured company with several decades of industry experience. Call us at 813-238-5710 to discuss your project and ideas.